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Expanded Feature Support In The Diffusion C Client
18th December, 2018

Diffusion 6.1 and 6.2 added many functions and capabilities to the Diffusion C client that were previously only available in other languages: Adding topics through topic specifications (added in 6.1) Support for string, int64, double and...
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Security and Session Properties Enhancements in Diffusion 6.2
6th December, 2018

Diffusion 6.2 introduces significant improvements to security features and the use of session properties. These include additional features for managing security roles and more control over the use of session properties in authentication and session...
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New Fetch API in Diffusion Release 6.2
27th November, 2018

Version 6.2 of the Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform introduces a major improvement in the form of the new fetch API. In Diffusion terms, ‘fetch’ refers to the operation that allows a client to request the...
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New Update API in Release 6.2
20th November, 2018

One of the key abilities in Diffusion is the ability to update the value of topics. Updating allows new values to be provided for topics. In Diffusion 6.2 a new update API has been introduced....
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Diffusion 6.2 has been released
13th November, 2018

  The latest update to the Diffusion™ Intelligent Data platform is now available. There are a number of exciting new features in Diffusion 6.2, allowing users to simplify development of multi-user and collaborative applications; control...
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Introducing the New Diffusion 6.1 .NET Client Library
18th June, 2018

We introduced a new Diffusion .NET Client Library that shipped with Diffusion 6.1. The new version of the client library allows you to develop .NET Diffusion clients for Windows, macOS and Linux thanks to the...
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Diffusion 6.1 extends conflation to manage data delivery to slow or disconnected clients
27th April, 2018

In Push Technology’s ongoing effort to simplify data management, optimization, and integration for companies developing business critical applications, Diffusion 6.1 adds new capabilities to manage data delivery to slow or disconnected clients. Introduction Diffusion uses...
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Diffusion 6.1 introduces powerful new features for dynamic topic management
27th April, 2018

In Push Technology’s ongoing effort to simplify data management, optimization, and integration for companies developing business critical applications, Diffusion 6.1 introduces a pair of powerful new features: automatic topic removal and topic ownership. Introduction Diffusion uses...
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Play Back Historical Data with Time Series Topics
11th January, 2018

Introduction Companies worldwide choose and use Diffusion because it is an intelligent, reliable, highly-scalable, real-time application data delivery platform, perfect for handling time-sensitive or mission-critical data via web, mobile, and satellite networks.  While real-time data delivery is...
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Creating A Chat Application In Diffusion 6.0
4th December, 2017

Diffusion enables the creation of scalable real-time solutions on mobile, browser or desktop. Our latest release, Diffusion 6.0, includes new features to simplify development of collaborative applications, like real-time text chat. In this article, we’ll discuss a...
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