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31st January, 2017
There are times when you want to let your end-user clients subscribe to any topic they fancy. And there are times when you want to be able to exert a little control and curation over which topics they are subscribed to. That’s where subscription control and the SELECT_TOPIC and READ_TOPIC permissions come in. Subscription control is...
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27th January, 2017
We have just released our Diffusion REST adapter. A way to convert a pollable REST service into a pushed Diffusion service. Diffusion provides a light-weight way to publish data to clients but it’s necessary to integrate it with other services and data feeds. These services and data feeds provide the data to publish. The adapter provides...
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9th January, 2017
The New Year is always a time for retrospection. In that spirit, it feels like a good time to reflect on Reappt and the journey we’ve taken over the past couple of years to bring it from a spark of an idea to a robust, scalable cloud service. The image above shows a timeline of...
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4th January, 2017
It’s a fresh new year, and it’s customary that we look to the year ahead and think about how technologies and trends are likely to shape our ubiquitously connected world. In the ever changing world of application integration, we at Push have been thinking about the challenges and solutions people will face in 2017.   1. Businesses will...
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23rd December, 2016
There’s no doubt that the last few years of app integration have been analogous to stormy seas – rapidly changing market conditions, pressure from product teams to deliver innovative and exciting new services that customers want, and a plethora of technology platforms each promising to drive your digital transformation. I think it’s useful to step...
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15th December, 2016
As we’ve come to expect these days, there’s no clear definition for what is meant by the term “serverless architecture” – in fact the term itself can be somewhat confusing since it doesn’t mean that servers are no longer required! Originally, serverless computing covered a class of application that relied entirely on a set of...
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29th November, 2016
Introduction Difficulty Level: Easy  Language(s): Node In this tutorial we are going to update a Slack channel from a Reappt topic. Before you get started you’ll need to already have a Slack account for your team, and if you’re using the Slack free plan, you’ll need to have a spare integration (or you’ll need to upgrade...
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18th November, 2016
IBM Bluemix provides a powerful collection of ready-to-run services including Message Hub and Reappt. This blog showcase how to integrate Message Hub and Reappt. Push Technology’s Reappt product is a high performance, low latency, realtime messaging solution designed for the mobile, web and IoT applications. IBM’s Message Hub is “Kafka as a Service”. Message Hub...
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16th November, 2016
Following the 7th edition of API Strat in Boston recently, lots of implementation stories and best practice recommendations for across application integration and enterprise architecture – but one key take-away was the increasing need for – and use of – event-driven integration patterns. Mark O’Neill from Gartner kicked off day one, giving us a sense...
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4th November, 2016
DiffusionTM communication is composed of discrete messages. Each client sends various types of message to its server, and separately receives messages from the server. There are messages that carry new values for subscribed topics; application messages sent using the messaging API; and service messages that implement API features. All Diffusion’s protocols assure message delivery while a client...
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