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4th December, 2017

Diffusion enables the creation of scalable real-time solutions on mobile, browser or desktop. Our latest release, Diffusion 6.0, includes new features to simplify development of collaborative applications, like real-time text chat. In this article, we’ll discuss a simple example chat application we developed to demonstrate three new Diffusion 6.0 features: Time series topics Topic persistence Topic notifications Time…

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Diffusion 6.0 Delivers Out-of-the-Box Enterprise-Grade, Real-Time Messaging & Data Streaming
26th October, 2017

Push Technology Releases Diffusion 6.0 Out-of-the-Box Enterprise-Grade, Real-Time Messaging & Data Streaming Solves the Challenge of Data Management for IoT & Mobile Application Development Teams SAN JOSE, CA, and LONDON, UK, October 18, 2017 – Push Technology, the leading real-time delta data streaming and messaging provider, today announced the release of Diffusion™ 6.0 – Push Technology’s…

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16th June, 2017

In July of 2010, the London Bike Hire Scheme, operated under Transport for London (TfL), was launched. Over the years the characteristic bicycles have become an integral part of London transport, beside the London Tube, black cabs and red double-decker buses. Today the scheme consists of approximately of 800 bike stations, 13,500 (1) bicycles and 250,000 (2) registered members. In 2016,…

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17th April, 2017

With the release of Diffusion 5.7 two new topic types have been introduced; JSON & Binary. The former is especially useful for users of the JavaScript client, since JSON is the defacto standard for handling data in web-applications and enjoys native support in JS.  This article will go through some simple examples of using these new topic types, and…

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31st January, 2017

There are times when you want to let your end-user clients subscribe to any topic they fancy. And there are times when you want to be able to exert a little control and curation over which topics they are subscribed to. That’s where subscription control and the SELECT_TOPIC and READ_TOPIC permissions come in. Subscription control is…

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21st November, 2016

DiffusionTM communication is composed of discrete messages. Each client sends various types of message to its server, and separately receives messages from the server. There are messages that carry new values for subscribed topics; application messages sent using the messaging API; and service messages that implement API features. All Diffusion’s protocols assure message delivery while a client…

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1st November, 2016

Following on from part 1 of this blog series, we’ll next look at how the demo is constructed, the Bluemix services we used, and how they interact with each other. As mentioned previously, there are several IBM services in use alongside our own Diffusion Cloud service –  IBM’s Tradeoff Analytics, IBM’s Streaming Analytics, and IBM’s Cloudant…

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18th October, 2016

This will be a four-part blog, describing how we can change the world of auto insurance using realtime analytics and optimized communication for devices connected via an unreliable mobile network. We’ll be looking at the opportunities to leverage realtime data using Push Technology’s Diffusion Cloud, IBM’s Watson, IBM’s Streaming Analytics, and IBM’s Cloudant product. As with…

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