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We're looking for talented
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We know that our team is our most valuable asset so we constantly look for exceptional, talented, dedicated, and professional people who want to be part of our team,
and contribute to our growing company.

Every day brings new opportunities at Push. We know that working with us you will be challenged, inspired, and have a little fun along the way too. 

If this sounds like a company you would enjoy working for, you’ve come to the right place.

The Push Culture

We are all in this together!

Our success comes from our people!

We hire exceptional people as they are helping us to fulfil our mission of
‘Delivering real-time app experiences that work’.


Our Values

  • A


    Be Accountable

    Each and every one of us is accountable and responsible for the success of the company.

    Be accountable, keep your promises, and deliver what you say you will.

  • W


    Be Willing

    Be willing to learn continuously.

    Be willing to make mistakes but also learn from and fix them.

    Be willing to go the extra mile if that is what it takes.

    Be willing to innovate fearlessly, no matter what role you are in.

    Be willing to challenge the unknown.

  • E


    Be Exceptional

    Stand out from the crowd; make us proud.

    Do exceptional work through creativity and innovation.

    By doing something different, we can create something exceptional.

    Your intelligence is exceptional, use it wisely.

    Be exceptionally driven and dynamic to be the best that you can be both individually and as part of the team.

  • S


    Be Supportive

    Be supportive of the colleagues in your team.

    Be supportive of the colleagues outside your team.

    Be supporting of our customers, they are why we exist after all.

    Be supportive of the company and its goals.

  • O


    Be an Owner

    Take ownership of your area and know that as share options holders,
    you are ultimately helping improve the value of ‘your’ business.

    Treat everything that you do as if it were your business, from expenses to supplies to customer relationships,
    and if you can help close that sale in any way, do so. It helps you ultimately.

  • M

    Mutual Trust

    Be an advocate of mutual trust and respect

    Let there be trust and mutual respect in all that you do.

    Trust and respect your team members and colleagues.

    Trust and respect yourself, we do.

    Trust and respect the leadership, they have loads of experience
    and know what they are doing and are also willing to listen to and trust in you.

    Operate with the best intentions, and believe that others are doing the same.

  • E


    Be Encouraged and Encouraging

    Be encouraged and be encouraging.

    Encourage and motivate others.

    Be nice to people and show you care.

    Work as a team, as together everyone achieves more.

    Do not be dismissive, but rather constructive.

  • My favourite aspect of Push is that we are encouraged to learn as much as possible. It’s very easy to get into a cycle of just doing what's required, but the company ethos necessitates that we expand our knowledge beyond these roles.

    Dimeji Ogunyoye - Engineering

  • It’s good fun. We are all friends here and everyone is so smart, so the conversation is never boring! I love the fact that our hard work really does make a difference to the success of the company. You are not just a small cog in a big machine and every little success receives praise and recognition.

    Kathryn Williams - Sales

  • This is the first time I’ve worked for a company where I can honestly say that the people, the company and the work I am doing are all good. Usually I only get two out of three.

    Katherine Shann - Engineering

Push is always on the lookout for exceptional talent.

If you believe that is you and would like to find out more about working with us; please click on the below link to get in touch!

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Push Technology is an equal opportunity employer.
We welcome diversity as we believe this gives us a competitive advantage in the global marketplace and ultimately helps drive our success.

Recruitment Agenices
Here at Push we actively manage our own recruitment. On occasion we do use agencies, however, we have an excellent and comprehensive preferred supplier list in place who we trust and know and are faithful to.

Recruitment Terms