Data Optimization

The Diffusion Intelligent Event-Data Platform helps increase delivery efficiency with edge caching, automatic delta streaming, and compression.

Quality of Service

Automatic optimization of data assures extremely efficient performance, even for large numbers of remote devices – ideal for IoT scenarios where the cost of bandwidth can be a significant issue.

Regardless of scale or throughput, Diffusion guarantees that all real-time data will be delivered quickly, efficiently, and reliably, under even the most adverse conditions.

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Real Time API Management

Delta Data Streaming

  • Diffusion only sends data to subscribers when the value of a topic changes. This avoids clients being forced to continually poll for new data, reducing both code complexity and network usage.
  • Diffusion only sends the differences (deltas) between topic updates, with automatic value reconstruction at the client side, drastically reducing the amount of data sent over the network.
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Data-Efficient IoT