Diffusion 6.6 Preview 2

This is a preview release showcasing some of the features planned for the full 6.6 release. It is supported for production use, but some features may be in beta and not ready for production.

Install Diffusion

Make sure you have a supported version of Java and then run the Diffusion installer.

Download Diffusion

Requires JDK 8 (1.8.0_131-b11 or higher)
or a Java 11 JDK (11.0.3 GA or higher, Hotspot JVM)

See Quick Start Guide for full instructions.

Install Diffusion using RPM

You can use the RPM file to install the Diffusion server on Linux systems that have Red Hat Package Manager installed.

Download RPM

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Other Releases

New features in Diffusion 6.6 Preview 2

– MQTT support

Connect Diffusion directly to the Internet of Things with support for the popular MQTT protocol.

– Python SDK expanded

The new Python SDK now has more features, including creating and removing topics.

– All Preview 1 features

This release includes all the new features that were added in Preview 1, including topic view inserts, a new Kafka adapter, time series topic enhancements and many more improvements.

Read What's New in the manual for more details

Diffusion Support and Upgrade Policy

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