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Choose what you need today; easily scale to what you need tomorrow.

Push Technology's unmatched, data-centric pricing – coupled with our patented, two-way, real-time, delta data streaming technology that reduces bandwidth requirements – assures optimal cost efficiency for our customers.



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concurrent devices
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concurrent devices
10GB/month FREE data ~20 million messages
Standard Support Included
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  • Is there a time limit to the Diffusion Cloud Free edition or the Diffusion Free Trial?

    There are no time limits to the Diffusion Cloud Free edition, or the Diffusion Free Trial.

    The Diffusion Cloud Free edition is limited to 10/GB of free data per month. If you hit this limit, you'll need to wait until next month before being able to send more data. Alternatively you can upgrade to a paid plan, where there are no data limits.

    The Diffusion Free Trial has no data limits, but should be used for evaluation purposes only.

  • How do you measure 'concurrent devices'?

    Concurrent devices are devices which are connected at the same time, also known as 'peak connections'.

    We do not measure by your total daily connections. Measuring by daily connections cripples your ability to test Diffusion effectively in your world.

  • How many messages does 1GB equal?

    1GB equals about 2 million messages with our delta data compression. This message count will change depending on your specific use case however you are only charged for data usage, not messages!

  • Can I change my edition or cancel at any time?

    Sure! Contact our support team who can guide you through the process.

  • What happens if I hit the maximum number of connections for my Diffusion Cloud edition?

    As your business expands we scale with you. When you approach your maximum number of connections, we will contact you so you can make the smart choice for your business requirements.

  • How are the data charges calculated?

    The total amount of data is calculated and is billed at the end of the month.

    Billing is calculated for each fraction of a GB used. Therefore if you send 1.5GB of data, you would be billed $2.99

Support Packages

Get quality support from our subject matter experts. Diffusion includes standard support for free. We have additional support options available; and, if you want a customized support package from our experts, contact us.


Diffusion includes Standard Support. For additional support options, customized to your needs, contact us.

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Schedule a dedicated support expert to assist your team and assure smooth operations during major events. Contact us!

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