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A market-proven realtime data integration and distribution platform designed for enterprise.

Realtime Messaging from Push Technology

Our fundamentally different approach to streaming data – Realtime Messaging – is designed to overcome the challenges of the internet. By providing simple unified SDKs for front and backend developers, Push Technology enables scalable realtime data distribution, while adapting to network conditions and dealing with disconnects - giving your reactive applications a performance edge.

Reduce Integration Complexity

Enable IT organizations to build a reactive data integration and distribution layer that provides consistent and reliable access to backend systems – even those never intended to be exposed via the internet.

Focus on Developer Experience

With simple SDKs available for your development language of choice, there are no new protocols or technologies to learn. Whether your clients are publishing, subscribing or both, our Unified API is all you will need.

Improved Customer Experience

Customers always blame the app for problems actually caused by the network. Streaming APIs ensure your web and mobile application experiences work – even when the network doesn’t.

Intelligent Data Delivery

Realtime Messaging understands the data being sent, with apps using a publish/subscribe integration model. Redundant, stale and duplicate data can be filtered out to reduce network and app resource usage.

Security and Governance

Tactical app integration leaves backend systems exposed, with no data flow visibility. A single reactive data layer restores data governance, with role based security, and encryption protects data from hijack or attack.

Built for Performance

Diffusion can deliver millions of messages per second to hundreds of thousands of connections on a single commodity server. Diffusion also understands how the connection and device are performing and reacts accordingly.

Powerful Reappt Features

JSON/Binary Delta Streaming Patent Pending

Make live data subscription streams possible for JSON/binary deltas. For a given data object, provide clients only the differences between old and new JSON data, rather than the entire JSON payload.

Experience Data Savings
Publish / Subscribe Messaging

A simple, effective integration model that works well for cloud, mobile and IoT apps. It allows producers and consumers of data total independence.

Scalable Architecture

Reappt reduces load from backend systems, and maintains < 100ms application response time, even with more than 100k connections.


Applications don’t need to poll for updates. As new data is available for a given topic, an “event” or notification is pushed out to clients that are connected.

Protocol Switching

The WebSocket protocol is the default transport layer. However, Reappt can automatically fall back to other socket protocols, long-polling and other mechanisms.

Data Deltas

Rather than sending redundant or duplicate data, Reappt sends only binary deltas. This includes JSON optimization, reducing network load by 90%.

Role-based Access Control

Configurable topic-scoped permissions and session properties enable application, user and data level controls across data access. Gain highly configurable security and effective data flow governance.

Stale Data

By analyzing the message queue, data that is no longer relevant or accurate can be dropped. Configurable by the app.


Reappt continuously monitors connection state and quality. Automatic reconnection keeps customer downtime to a minimum.

Network Aware

To maintain app performance since network conditions change frequently when users move around between WiFi and mobile Internet.

Bi-directional Communication

Interactive applications, and user collaboration require 2-way data communication. Other vendors and technologies only support server-sent data.

People Push

  • Selecting the market-leading platform - Diffusion from Push Technology - is a long term strategy for us as it not only simplifies our IT infrastructure but will also support the additional products and services we are planning to develop in the future.

    Philip Roeben
    DAB Bank
  • Since plugging in Diffusion from Push Technology, the last two years have been just like any other Saturday. It's amazing - we now only have minimal resources on call.

    Derren Maggs
  • The figures when testing Diffusion were remarkable. We were expecting it to handle 30,000 concurrent connections, but three averages showed 60,000, 80,000 and 102,000. From the testing stage we knew that Diffusion would play a critical role in enabling us to extend our business globally.

    Keith Laidlaw

Diffusion and IBM

The Power of IBM® MobileFirst Platform and Diffusion

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